About Me

Hi. Hello. How’s it going?

I’m Becky, but my given name is Rebekah (not cca but the biblical spelling). My last name is Swartzendruber. I thought about naming my "business" Rebekah Swartzendruber Photography, but how can I expect people to type that into a search if I have a hard time typing it. (My maiden name had four letters.) So I picked apart my last name bit by bit, and that is how I got Rebekah Dru. Rebekah Swartz was kinda boring, and Rebekah Druber was lame. So there's that!

I have a husband, three boys, and a full-time job taking pictures of bones and tissues, but I have a fondness for hearing the sound of the shutter catching you in your moment. If you wanna know more, please ask! I love chit-chatting with people!

I would consider my style relaxed, free-and-easy, not so posed, and impromptu. I guess that would make me a lifestyle photographer. Posed images are timeless, so we will capture some of those. But my favorites are when you don't expect the camera to go off!

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“Great person, awesome pictures and really fun!! Highly recommend her!!”

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